Enhance Image Screen Reader Accessibility with QA InfoTech‘s Quality Testing Services

Enhance Image Screen Reader Accessibility with QA InfoTech‘s Quality Testing Services

Enhance Image Screen Reader Accessibility with QA InfoTech‘s Quality Testing Services

Worldwide, it is estimated that more than 39 million people are blind and around 246 million suffers a severe visual impairment.

Usually, when we think of web accessibility, then primarily we may imagine screen reader users. However, these are not only for users who have accessibility needs when using the web or online applications. In fact, as per the survey, those who use screen readers are a relatively small section of the population as not all screen reader users are blind; others with print-reading disabilities may also find screen readers useful.

The scope of this article is to point out the accessible image challenges involved in reading image by the visually different users and how to overcome its reliability using the QA InfoTech’s web accessibility end-to-end testing (such that the web application is validated with maximum coverage before it is accessible to everyone).

To enable more people to participate in the aspect of image viewing reliably, QA InfoTech provides the manual and automatic Alt-Text (AAT) accessibility testing services enabling screen readers to understand the context (content) of the images.

How Do Screen Readers Work?

Before we go on the specifics of the image screen reader, let’s have a basic understanding of how screen readers work. Generally, it accesses the DOM (Document Object Model), and they use browser APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to get the information they need. This way, a screen reader comes to know what to say when a set of list items begins and ends, and it declares, in advance, how many elements/items are in the list. Screen-Reader traverses the entire page, using heading navigation. Also, navigating the picture/image is a challenge for the differently abled users and needs assurance in conveying the accuracy of the pictures. Hence, image accessibility needs to be validated to authenticate the image using respective alt-text content lying in its HTML code.

Testing Accessibility with QA InfoTech

QA InfoTech works on the optimization of test automation services to cater and enhance the end-user experiences from these areas: low vision, dyslexia, D/deaf and hard of hearing, motor disabilities, the users on the autistic spectrum and the users of screen readers.

Our End-to-End testing services assure to include all necessary alt attributes on images, and spare customer listening to a screen reader speaking gibberish for the missing (or inaccurate) alt text. Our technical expertise provides clean and accurate testing tricks that reliably help visually impaired a lot in receiving accurate information.


✔ We consistently work on various test automation real-time requirements and model them to empower the customize test solutions.
✔ Ongoing R&D helps our clients with the cutting edge tools enhancing test coverage and productivity enlarge.
✔ Tools and frameworks engineering allows manual testers to carry on automation outcomes significantly saving cost.

We enable interactive accessibility across formats. Our comprehensive approach ensures compliance with global standards including Sec 508, WCAG 2.0, across the belt of files and content that product organizations create.
QA InfoTech’s mission is to provide a plethora of software services to the connected world and empower people the power to share.

To know more and experience our services, get our free (trial) accessibility testing services with our 24X7 dedicated support today! Please Contact Us to make a request.

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