An important phase in mobile application testing

An important phase in mobile application testing

Mobile applications are here to stay – whether an end user application on a smart phone, or an application used in a B2B environment, whether the device be a hand held and not the commonly used smart phone, the applications in their various forms and factors will only continue to rise. Mobile computing has rightly become a large horizontal wherein any technology that shapes, or any new domain that brings in a new scenario for consumption, the mobile element is omnipresent.

Mobile Application Testing

Given the diverse nature and ever increasing scope of mobile applications in scenarios that address end user expectations, requirements analysis is a very important phase. This is probably more important than even the mobile application engineering phase itself – it is not a new adage that a job well begun is half done – this is very true in the engineering world where testing the requirements is a very important phase especially when you plan the mobile app testing effort. I was reading an article this morning on how most teams say that they test requirements but when asked on how exactly they do it, they often fumble. It was a good post with a checklist on how to go about this effort – you can get more details here. The reason this is especially important for mobile application testing is as follows:

  1. As mentioned earlier the integration points, the diversity, scope and omnipresence of the mobile domain is increasing by the day
  2. In most cases the mobile engineering effort may even be a standalone freelance effort, which allows the engineer to wear a tester/user perspective hat upfront.
  3. It opens up a lot of the testing scenarios for discussion upfront bringing in better overall feasibility analysis. A tester is able to fully understand e2e workflows and better engage with the business teams upfront, which will help in a more robust quality effort moving into the delivery cycle
  4. Last but not the least, this brings in better team bonding overall with everyone huddling to review requirements upfront rather than thinking of just the engineering implementation that follows.

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